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Hash Heaven Haze

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Hash Heaven Haze
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Stone's Cafe

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Jan 26, 2007


Hash Plant Haze13 x Lavender & Silver Haze, 80% Indica, 20% Sativa


These solid green nuggets are mainly light yellow, with a heap of crystals. Take a close look at these leaves; they are absolutely covered with fat crystals. It breaks up "velvety" between your fingers and you don't have to use a grinder which means that the cure is spot-on. Look at the photo and you can see this one is so ripely cured it's nearly begging for a toke.


The scent is softly metallic and very slightly cat-piss. It is this "cellar-scent" which makes my mouth water slightly as I anticipate the huge inhale. Sick innit???


The vapour taste is icy-cold on the inhale because of all the resin. You can barely get half a hit before you are already trying to exhale from the expansion! It nearly explodes out of your mouth as you exhale�


You can NOT get through a half joint of this without having to set it (or yourself if you�ve been on the piss) DOWN. At first, I was visually impaired enough to make sure I wasn't going anywhere for awhile after a few hits�You feel completely high in the top of your dome like your head is as heavy a huge pumpkin. At present, I am so stoned I feel like I am about to roll over. Nice one, I am so baked after a fat joint of this and a large beer at the Stones Caf� on the Warmoesstraat I am walking, no "floating" around the Oude Zijds, with a quick tour of the "filth alley" (see Smokers Guide book page 128) before crossing town back to my house. What a trip this city can be; even for natives when you are stoned like this!


It is hard to find good gear this time of year as prices are as high as growers can get lately, however this weed from the Stones Caf� is about as good as it gets these daze! Anyone who fancies himself a serious head had better check this "heavenly" one out. This is clearly for the hard-core smoker who has his/her mind set on getting mashed! Well done Stones Caf�.

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Oudekerksplein 36
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