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Warm Oor

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Warm Oor
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Oct 10, 2001


Morocco, Warm Pressed. (Warm Oor is Dutch for Warm Ear)


Wafer-like "biscuits" of hash. Soft and layered with a cookie dough interior.


Chocolate-mint; extremely rich and smooth smelling.


Smooth and perfumed. This makes you really appreciate fine lighter hash. You get the polm flavour with a minty aftertaste; nice one.


The high is almost immediate. After a long drag, you feel a wee grin begin to form in the corners of your mouth. Your ears get a bit flushed (hence the name) and your head starts buzzin delightfully. An easy calm settles in, and you are off...


I've always liked Warm Oor (and Warm Ears) in the winter time; a fine Hot Cocoa with lots of whipped cream seems to keep me going during the cold periods in Amsterdam. The flavour is generally as good as it gets for this type of hash; English Neil & Aussie Sid have always been huge fans, and now the BushDoctor is coming around too!

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Stone's Cafe

Oudekerksplein 36
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