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Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze
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Mar 15, 2007


 The Amsterdam classic that is Amnesia Haze! 


This stuff is really, really crystal covered and slightly yellow from the crystals; its fuzzy. There are few amount of dark brown-orange coli that pop out of little calyx clusters. Like any true Haze the buds tend to be reaching and climbing, like wee grape vines. But the cure is very nice cause it breaks up pretty easily. Overall it is manicured really well, with only a few larger fan leaves left on here and there. The buds are quite crisp but not too dry; they do tend to snap apart like little Lego buds.


The scent almost reminds me of wet paper. Normally this would not smell too great but in this case it is enticing. It is not immediate out of the bag but as you snap the first piece apart, the smell goes very spicy and sweet. There is a sandalwood desert-flower type of scent. It makes you think of a warm summer day� Layin in the long grass and wild flowers. It's only February but I can't wait until the air starts warming when I burn a fatty like this!


The taste is not too strong from the start but I think a J would go deeper in taste as it began to collect a little resin! If you cook it too hard in the vapouriser, there is a bit of a tortilla chip flavour. A "vapour bag" of this stuff made me gasp for air, simply because of the high THC content. It would be unthinkable for this crystalled weed to be easy to inhale. This wants to expand inside your chest...


Effects make you feel visually stoned, not really paranoid, actually quite relaxed for the visuals you have; just sit back. But even a small bit of this goes as long way. It makes you feel slightly dizzy. A light buzz-blur forms in the back of the eye and has you bouncing around inside your head. This one is for pros, but true pros will enjoy these smile inducing effects that can really make you feel as stoned as the very first time.


We are so pleased to welcome Coffeeshop Reefer into the 2007 S-Guide; they have a sunny terrace, an "open feel" and an old fashioned decor, like the orignal "speakeasy coffeeshops" from back in the day! Best of all with a solid menu of power hitters like this Amnesia Haze it makes a trip out to the Waterlooplein even more enjoyable.

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