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Apr 11, 2007


Cali Hash Plant x with Cannalope Haze. Bio. DNA Genetics. Those into sci-(fi?) will be able to figure out the name chosen.


Just check out this weed; it is off the charts! Like ornaments, these are frosted, nearly porcelain-looking nuggets. I can't wait to smoke this weed. There are literally "crystal-bubbles" over every millimeter of its surface. The little coli shoot out like tiny little electrically charged "live wires", skinny and bright red in appearance.


These are incredibly seasoned herbs' you would be right at home thinking of it as an "aromatic" used in finer kitchens by top-chefs around the world; the scent it releases is insane. Not a single description of mine could possibly do this justice; you'll have to smell it to really understand what is going on. There is a nice scent of celery-dill and kitchen herbs.


Take a dry hit of this and be shocked. It is downright veggie-delish. I think the taste of fresh garden herbs are just the beginning with this weed, as I begin to search for my lighter, I know that it is going to be a flavourful experience. As soon as it lights, it goes really spicy and sandalwood incense. There is a metallic taste similar to a "hot" smell, which is best described when a heater coil is glowing red and there is an electric smell left in the air.


These FX are mind-numbing; visuals, not quick-thinking shit by any means; more like a time warp experience. One minute you think you are doing one thing and then the day is over; in my case I went to get in the tub and I was stuck in there for about 3 hours! If there are any Oompa-Loompas out there, they just tackled me, dog-piled and started jumping up and down on my head!


Nice one. For awhile, this feels almost dicey. It is nearly TOO strong at times,. There is more to this than meets the eye. You feel just a bit too tweaked after you've smoked this! For those who suffer from nausea, this really does the trick: Post-tokes result in serious munchies and then everything really tastes better than normal. Bon appetit!

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