Denver Cannabis Cup Entries - Testing 30 US Sativas for 420

Like all US Cannabis Cups the variety and quality of the various entries was very high, as was our Smokers Guide judge who was specially selected to judge the US Sativa category in the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup.

Not our first High Times Cannabis Cup!

Let me just say this, having judged a couple of cups on the other side of the pond, we were looking forward to our first American cup, and what better place to start but in the premier city at the worlds premier cannabis judging competition High Times Cannabis Cup Denver 4/20 2015!

Now this is a tough competition. With 30 entries in the American Sativa Category all very formidable entries, from the old school Dutch hazes, to the ever popular Cali Tangie flavors. I was dying to get started but only to realize 5 samples in, this is gonna be a lot of work! That said, who can complain? The Denver Cannabis Cup is also going to be a lot of fun and we are stoked to be a part of it!



A Lot of Fine Cannabis Smoking

Well, 5 nights later we are revisiting the top 10, just to make sure we are happy with our evaluations. In such a close competition and with such a large field of entries it really comes down to the single unique characteristics that make the choices stand alone. Now as the Canadian members of this Dutch crew with a long history of enjoying Dutch culture our preferences may differ from the general American pallet but again High Times ensures a fair competition through a well refined system.

The product is judged across many important categories from appearance to flush and smoke-ability and overall effect. With other key points also considered. This is a truly blind judging process and our hats go off to the High Times Crew for pulling this off without a hitch!


American Sativa Winning Selections by Smokers Guide VIP Judges





#1 Nice looking bud with light hint of pepper aroma, taste is a step up from top 5 favorites. Now this is a good energetic high!! Will re-evaluate later... Second round just as impressive as yesterday, good trippy high and love the flavor!

#2 Another nice hazy looking bud, smell is nice citrus, heavy smell, nice sized tight bud. Great burn and very, very smooth going down. Has a nice old school flavor!





#3 This is a haze I'm sure old school great creeper! Great taste, great burn and crazy high...I'm having issues using my phone right

#4 Nice looking bud. Smells well flushed and cured, sweet smell. Could tell by the smell alone this would be a good smoke. Nice sticky bud with an energetic buzz. This one woke me up!

#5 Nice trim, nice bud, nice mild citrus aroma, smooth smoke, nice white clean burning ash, not sure on high will evaluate again, second evaluation moved this one up from 7th place!







#6 - Honorable Mention

Just because of the sheer size of the bud and the wonderful tangerine aroma emitting from its jar. This was one nice bud!









In Conclusion

We have had a WONDERFUL time judging these fine strains. You can really taste and feel the love heaped upon these gorgeous flowers! Make sure you give a Cannabis Cup event a try if/when it comes to your region.


Visit our Denver Cannabis Cup profile page to learn more about the cup!