Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2017 Winners/Results - High Times 30 Year Celebration

The Cannabis Cup started back in 1988, with a small group of experienced stoners in a hotel room. Now in 2017 High times Celebrates its 30th year of Cannabis Cup celebrations in Amsterdam! The 2017 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup once again voted to find the best weed and hash in Amsterdam.

Hundreds of cannabis consumers decended on Amsterdam in an intense coffeeeshop crawl to find, and smoke, the best cannabis in Amsterdam. Nightly events took place at The Melkweg, featuring artisits including Devin the Dude, Lord Digga, Roots Riders and King Shiloh. After 4 days the results were in, and it was time for the awards show, hosted by Danny Danko.


 The winners of the 2017 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, 30th Anniversary Celebration, are:


Coffeeshop Flower

1st Place: Original Dampkring – Blackberry Bliss

2nd Place: Grey Area – White Fire #6

3rd Place: Voyagers – Sunset Sherbet


Coffeeshop Nederhash

1st Place:  Grey Area – SB Ice

2nd Place: Original Dampkring – Red Ice

3rd Place: Green Place – Cookies and Cream Iceolator


Coffeeshop Import Hash

1st Place:  Bagheera – Mango Haze

2nd Place: Original Dampkring – Asli

3rd Place: Green Place –  Don Perignon


Seed Company Flower

1st Place: DNA Genetics – S1

2nd Place: Lady Sativa Genetics – Orange Diesel V3

3rd Place: Phenofinders – Sunset Sherbert


Seed Company Hash

1st Place: Devils Harvest (Devils Nectar/Suver Nuver) – Devils Glue

2nd Place:  Crockett Family Farms – The Juice

3rd Place: Soma Sacred Seeds – SO-G Kush Water Hash


High Times will be back in Amsterdam next year for another Cannabis Cup, however all ticket holders from this years event will get a free pass to any Cannabis Cup in the world. So check out the California, Colorado, Jamaica and many more Cannabis Cups Smokers Guide has covered over years, and visit Smokers Guide TV to see it all for yourself!