Product Earth 2017 - The UK's Hemp & Cannabis Expo

Product Earth 2017 is billed as “the UK’s hemp and cannabis expo” and it definitely stands up to that! In the last couple of years Product Earth has become the meeting place for the UK cannabis industry and cannabis community.

Despite the UK Parliament’s rather backwards view on cannabis, the UK cannabis scene is booming! Across the United Kingdom Cannabis Socials Clubs, CBD companies, edible makers, extractors, seed companies and just average cannabis consumers are making their mark. It’s difficult to easily summarize all the different benefits and products that can come from cannabis, and the positive impact cannabis has on the lives of many people. However, at a cannabis event like Product Earth you can begin to get a scope of the UK cannabis scene. In all parts of the country something is happening.


Amongst the numerous stalls at Product Earth, there was a clearly popular range of CBD products. From CBD edibles like chocolate and brownies, to dabs of pure CBD, vape pens, e-liquids, balms and more. Almost any CBD product you can imagine. No doubt some the UK’s finest cannabis growers and makers of the best THC rich buds, extracts and edibles were also around. As well as live glass blowing from some of the UK’s best glass artists.



Apart from the wide range of cannabis related products available, information was flowing with seminars from speakers on topics including CBD, Cannabis Socials Clubs, medical cannabis, policy reform and international cannabis experts sharing stories from abroad. Product Earth also offered three nights of music for tickets holders (one a VIP only night), including names like Foreign Beggars, Akala, Natty and The Rebel Ship, Modestep, Krafty Kuts, Black The Ripper and Fliptrix.

One thing was the same in also everyone you spoke to was the passion they had for cannabis. Whether from a recreational, medical or commercial angle, the enthusiasm they had for the plant was clear. Many young entrepreneurs have been created in the last few years in the UK cannabis scene. However one thing spoke loudest off all, the benefit that many patients get from cannabis. Sure, the stereotypical dreadlocked stoners and long hair hippies were amongst the crowds, but surrounding them the other people who are most of the cannabis movement; the activists slowly working to make change in their area, and helping as many patients as possible. The UK cannabis scene has its roots in compassion.

Many of the activists speak openly, and proudly about the work they do. After realizing the people they could help, activists from the Tottenham Cannabis Club decided to focus their energy on medical patients. They shared the story of a patient who will be familiar to our readers, Penny, who took back her life from MS thanks to their help and the help of many cannabis activists across the UK. As her story was being explained Penny proudly stepped onto the stage, declaring in front of an applauding audience, “I can now walk…go to the supermarket…I can live again…all thanks to cannabis!”



Stay tuned to Smokers Guide TV for videos from the event, coming soon!