21st Annual Global Marijuana March Toronto 2019

The 21st annual Global Marijuana March took place in Toronto Saturday May 4th and although this is a global organization with marches held around the world, Toronto's turn out is often one of the largest.



In general the amount of people (approximately several thousand) was significantly less than 20,000 to 30,000 marching down the streets in previous years.



As with earlier GMM's in Toronto, it is always a pleasure to see the droves of people coming out from the local cannabis community; many of whom have been there since day one. This crew continues to support and voice their opinions on the unjust regulations set out across Canada this past year; many feeling that cannabis really isn't still legalized, and has become even more controlled by the establishment since decriminalisation legislation was passed last year.



Although attendance numbers seemed lower this year, all those that made it we're definitely high! With many of the expo booths setting up quite early in the morning, by the time the noon hour rolled around, there were dozens of companies and brands offering their wares! From cannabis edibles to cannabis flowers and all things in between that you could imagine can be made derived or extracted from cannabis, it was on public show at this event.



The local Five-O Toronto Police made a few passes on their bicycles in pairs, stopping at various booths to let everyone know that for the day they were going to be tolerant, but were still asking that everyone be extra careful to be certain no sales be made to any minors. Overall the crowd was peaceful, well behaved and pleasant, like always!



One can't help but wonder that with cannabis legalization spreading slowly around the globe, what the future of this Global Marijuana March will be.... but it is quite clear that the sysytem is still stacked in favor of the have's vs. the have not's! The backs of the masses that the free cannabis market has largely been built on must have their place at the table as well.


For a healthy cannabis commerce market, the black market can be reduced by making the white market more inclusive; let YOUR voice be heard.