Festivals, Concerts & Parties - What's On in Amsterdam?

Theres always plenty to do in Amsterdam. From the many outdoor festivals in the summer, to the Cannabis Cup in November, the Christmas and New Year festivites, or just one of the many concerts or parties on in the city throughout the year.


Festivals, Workshops, Concerts, Marches, Conferences, Expos, Parties, Competitions and more!


When you ask what's on in Amsterdam you're almost certain to end up with a big list of various different events to choose from. Amsterdam offers plenty to do around the year. There are typical cannabis events, music and outdoor festivals, traditional holidays and much, much more....


If you're looking for something to do, or planning a trip to Amsterdam then our Events section is for you! You'll find dozens of events to choose from. Whether you're coming to visit the High Times Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam Gay Pride, Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam Film Week or one of the many festivals like the Amsterdam Dance Event. There's always something going on in Amsterdam to keep you busy, and many are free!


 We've loaded our Events Calendar with the best of what's on in Amsterdam!