Using The Web To Find The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

Using the web can be the easiest way to find the best things to do in Amsterdam. Here are a few of our favorite sites, some of these sites have the latest listings of whats on in Amsterdam.




If you are visiting Amsterdam for a good time, don't forget the shows and festivals on offer here! Check out this list of our fav agenda websites:


Uitburo Evenmenten

Check out the Uit Buro for great info about dramatic and performing arts like theater, music and dance. 



Mojo Concerts and Events 

MoJo has all of the top acts and headliners.



Uitgids Agenda

The Uit Gids will list all of the things to do around Amsterdam.



Last Minute Ticket Shop

The Last Minute Ticket Shop is a great place to check out if you find yourself with some free time or you arrive in Amsterdam last minute.



There are a lot of big festivals throughout the year, see ID&T.