A smoking blast from the past!

Arjans Ultra Haze 2 Ice was this week's flash back Cannabis Cup winner from previous years. It was certainly an ice hash to remember. Cough....

Arjans Ultra Haze 2

Purchased: The Greenhouse - September - 2010


Origin: Neder-Ice hash derived from the award winning Arjan's Ultra Haze 2 plant. It is a Sativa from Neville's Haze, Mango Haze and Laos ancestry. This "spinoff" (pun intended) has won it's own fair share of awards and cups.

Look: Well, you can see for yourself! It was served up in a soft bubble pack, like candy bits for ADULTS. ;) Once I cracked the packet apart and got my fingers on the sticky lil' gob of high quality resin, I began to get excited. It was gooey but not too liquid. It left a light green-brown oil residue on my finger tips as I bent back the edge. This stuff is nice to look at; it clearly took a LOT of effort to get this final result, no doubt.

Smell: When burned, it beckons you to come near. It is like being in an ancient temple where herbs, oils and incense are being used by the high priests.

Taste: There is the unmistakeable flav of ice hash: burning hot eucalyptus-pepper! Add to that a soft tangy acidic flav like a sour ball. After a deep hit of this, you may wanna check into an oxygen tent. lol

Effects: A screaming ride on an elevator to the top.... of your brain. The package says 60-70% THC content. These sort of hashes usually give me a little TOO MUCH in the way of a heady ride occasionally ending in a bit of a crash. This wasn't the case with this ice hash.

Overall: Dang, this stuff is POTENT. Expensive and POTENT. If you have the deep lungs and even deeper pockets to handle this one, give it a try... It can make for a nice variation from the usual.

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