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Abraxas Coffeshop

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Jul 25, 2002


I am not sure about the genetics here but most "Silver" names refer to a Skunk, Northern Lights Cross which is then usually crossed with a Haze to create Silver Haze. This one is not very Haze-like though perhaps deserving the solo "Silver" name.


It is a very solidly built type of plant with lots of charged coli jumpin' out at you! The plants are overall yelowish-green as the colour of the crystals give that hue.


It smells fresh and sugary. This "sweetness" is accompanied by a cellar smell which makes for an odd combo for those of you with sensitive noses.


The taste is more minty than I was expecting with a surprising amount of perfumed-spice. You kind of hack a bit so be prepared with some fresh drink of some sort.


FX begin to set in rather slowly, like a sort of "creeper" weed and by the time you've realised that you are baked, you are truly well-done!


Our Gorgeous Gardener picks this as one of her favourites from Abraxas. The high had her really "too stoned for words" (anyone who knows her wonders if that's even possible!), and we all enjoyed the trippy visuals and fairly "uppy" high that we got when we vapourised this strain.

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Abraxas Coffeshop

Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14
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