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Harlem Diesel

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Harlem Diesel
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Jun 22, 2006


Not sure of the background of this; the Abraxas crew were too busy serving up you lot to have time to explain the details to AB-SG. We know that this is NOT grown in Haarlem, but rather it is a different term for NYC Diesel. I should note that this weed is AWESOME cos it is so different than most Diesels out there: It's not "diesely" meaning it is not petrol gasoline-flavoured. What's left you ask? The citrus!


These buds are big, fat and hairy (could ANYTHING besides weed sound attractive with that description!?!!) Tiny little wiry hairs are found among broad leaves, (at least compared to most diesels), with some dark & lighter leaves. It's all heavily crystal covered. These buds are "springy" to the touch and are just perfectly cured. The under-sides of the little ball shaped calyxes are very fuzzy, and golden-yellow. This stuff has "spider legs" � fuzzy little critters. GORGEOUS; your computer screen does not do it justice!


The scent is better than you�d imagine the freshest NYC Diesel smelling, with more of a grapefrruity-citrus versus the chemical-fuel scent you find with NYCD. More fruity than the normal. Its definitely a sugary-fruity scent. There is really no hint of chemical/fuel. When this stuff is burned it smells like Sativa. Most people would be thinking you're smoking a haze...


The taste leans to the indica side, considering it's fruity-sweet-sugarTHC flav. The taste is quite soft and easy to inhale if you really think about how many THC crystals are being torched as you light a bowl. We had a lovely Chardonnay that paralleled the citrus-woody flav this smoke was giving off.


This has your head bouncing around the inside of an empty beer barrel! You feel like you are awake, alert, aggro, alive, affected, ass-out, oh shit� you can tell how high I am can ya??? Yes, this makes you feel really silly. Happy-silly. I recommend this for all my bad-drunk friends who we often wish would have had a joint in place of the 3 double vodka-red bulls!


I am not quite sure what makes this "Harlem" Diesel? (except for that it prolly originally did come from Harlem and NY Diesel was just the adopted term.) Anyway, this weed coulda been grown in Haarlem and just called Harlem, who knows I love it.

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Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14
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