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Skunk Of Queen

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Skunk Of Queen
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Jul 21, 2004


Not so much info here. Definitely a hybrid, and I think it's leaning toward hydro grown, but I am not certain on that.


Gorgeous lady, this Skunk Of Queen! Very dense, full buds, but still lightweight to the touch. Extremely well cured for my liking; the buds are not too moist but also do not crumble between your fingers either. Overall a green-yellowish colour, with heaps & heaps of very light orange fuzzy hairs. A few of the broader leaves are left on for protection purposes rather than laziness during clipping, as this clearly was well manicured!


Slightly "hay-ish" green scented; under it all there is a sweet sugary scent. Actually the smell isn't too full-on for such a "fresh" skunk weed , so that must be a part of its natural genetics.


This Queen's name is "Sweet Anisette"! Fresh flav, especially considering the smell isn't that strong to begin with. We really enjoyed the taste in a vapouriser, which normally can't handle the lighter Sativa-tasting types. This one had enough of its "hash-plant roots" to stay nice and easy-burning.


Very trippy, visual, motion-oriented, typewriter-flash type of buzz. This shit could be giggly but it was hard to tell, as my girlfriend was in grief-giving mode that day: I kinda giggled dumbly at her, which really didn't help matters much!!!


This was quite a strong lil� surprise from Abraxas. When I received this sample, I thought it was going to be hard hitting zombie FX type of strain; it was nearly the opposite as far as brain activity was concerned... simply tweakin'!

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Abraxas Coffeshop

Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14
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