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Abraxas Special

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Abraxas Special
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shop profile Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14


Oct 10, 2001




A thick cut "loaf" of choco-hash bread! There's darker oily patches seen in certain areas as seen in the pic. Ya, this stuff is begging to be smoked. Once lit, it really gives off a blue-grey, almost purple smoke -- check it!


A rich and comforting choco-mint scent. Smells like these remind you of cold winters at Grandma's house; heaps o' warm chocolate milk and After Eight chocolate mints.


Icy tasting. Even after Field Testing all kinds of herbs & solids this still leaves a subtle yet well distributed flavour.


The high is relaxing and your eyes kinda roll back, triggering your other senses into action. This hash is very touchy-feely. Ideal for a few hours of seriously Clumsy Passion with a loved one.


A lovely nighttime hasj. (wow yes, I spelled it Dutch style on purpose; ya gotta learn sometime!) Smoke it in the confines of your (or someone you love's) home.

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