Dabadoo Valencia 2015 - Winners & Results

After the success of Dabadoo Barcelona, Mila brought the Dabadoo event to Valencia. Extract artists from around the world competed to find the best concentrates, read on to find who won!

Dabadoo is a cannabis cup style competition that judges high quality hash and concentrates. There are two categories of entries, Solvent; hash made using butane, CO2 or other extraction methods, and Solventless; made using techniques that don't require solvents like water or dry sift extraction.




1st Place - OilHunters & Dr. Feis -  Somango OG Live Resin

2nd Place - Herbalist Club BCN & Aethrr Medicinnals - 707 Headband Terp Sap

3rd Place - 710 Crew -  Sour Amnesia




1st Place - Marimberos & Aethrr Medicinals - Mao Haze

2nd Place - Associacion THC Valencia - Marruecos

3rd Place - Cannamed & James Nice  - Chronic


Visit Smokers Guide TV for video coverage of the event!