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Green. Innovative. Honest. Greengo is a completely organic, nicotine free tobacco substitute. We also produce 100% FSC approved rolling papers and many more eco-friendly products. Greengo, for a pure natural smoke!

The Greengo tobacco substitute is made from 4 natural ingredients. The Greengo blend contains Eucalyptus, Mint, Papaya and Hazel leaf. There are no additions to this product. No nicotine and no chemicals!

Greengo papers are the most pure papers available. The papers are made of 100% Totally Chlorine Free paper pulp. The packages are made of 100% recycled material. On top of that, Greengo papers are made of FSC certified wood pulp.

Greengo grinders are being made from recycled plastic. The most unique feature of this product is that the plastic once was used for packaging cannabis. These packages are returned by means of a deposit system and the base material is used to make grinders. This is not only very cool, it is also better for the environment! We call this upcycling!


Available in fine Amsterdam shops and online!



  • Filter Tippies
  • Rolling Papers
  • Tobacco Alternative
  • Grinders
  • Smoking Paraphernelia
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  • 8.0

2 people like this

Smoked a mountain

Back in town this summer to visit with dutch crew but will be smokin less tobacco fools! lol  But so i tried this stuff before but from what i remember  it has more taste now and i actulally liked it this round. I remember it being very sharp before but this one was more smoothd out and a bit... Full details


  • 7.1

3 people like this

Not bad

I'm not normally a big fan of tobacco alternatives - most of them tend to taste disguisting. However this one is something I can actually smoke. I've seen it in a lot of coffeeshops where tobacco smoking is now banned and while it might not be my first choice its definitely better than nothing...and almost... Full details


  • 8.0

1 people like this

A good alternative

Trying to quit tobacco is a bitch. This stuff makes it a lot easier to deal with smoking hash and for that I am thankful. The flav is interesting, to say the least. You can taste the eucalyptus from time to time, and i think the papaya may be a bit harsh bit it's hard to tell. I would like to isolate each... Full details


This hash was top notch and made a perfect addition to a semi-sunny day in the park. Not too tiring, a bit... go

This high is lovely. Extremely visual and "floaty" makes you a bit giggly. Nice session to be had... go

I really liked this sample for an overall high. Confusing, yet very enjoyable crazy ride. The flava was... go

This stuff tends to lean toward it's Indica heritage. I smoked 3 tokes which was 2 tokes too many. This is... go

A lovely strain in all respects: This winner of the Cannabis Cup 2003 is worth a try, and it still is... go

This is unique. Fine and delicate, yet sturdy in structure at the same time. The smell & flav is very... go

All I can say is, I hope there's more of this left around when the Cup ends. It will make for a nice... go

The Greenhouse chose to stick with a winner here; and rightly so. This bud is killer. All I can say is, I... go

Top gear from a top co. This stuff slams ya! It's money.   go