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Arjan's Haze

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Arjan's Haze
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Oct 10, 2001


75% Sativa / 25% Indica. Bio. Tested at 20% THC, with a high CBD content.


Larger sized buds, naturally loosely formed, yet well packed during/after the cure. Similar to a "green steel wool" in appearance and consistency. Tiny leaves and calyxes sprinkled with a light crystal coating and tiny needle-like red hairs.


Very herb-garden stylee, with a light celery leaf scent. As it is broken up, a more pungent and softly spicy smell emerges from the interior. Of course, the scent really picks up as it burns and trails throughout the room.


In a dry hit from the jointje, it's like a carrot-celery salad with a hint of sage, parsley and mint thrown in to taste: Best yet, this gear goes down extremely smooth. You can take massive hits and exhale voluminous clouds of thick smoke without hacking at all! Well done.


Before you've finished exhaling the first draw, you begin to feel twitchy-trippy. Your eyes keep blinking and you notice things in your peripherals that aren't really there. For fans of visual FX; look no further! Spacey: Imagine your skull is a glass bowl filled with jelly. As you glance a round the room, it feels like your eyes are just loosely bouncing around inside your 'bowl-o-jelly' head! Wild. The grower told our editor that there was a high CBD level, and indeed, you do feel oddly slightly relaxed and laid-back on this gear, considering the rather powerful visuals.


This is unique. Fine and delicate, yet sturdy in structure at the same time. The smell & flav is very herbal & earthy and the FX, well, are 'eye-catching', to say the least! Among so many broad-leafed and white hybrids, this is certainly a selection for the specialty-strain seekers'

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