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Hawaiian Snow

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Hawaiian Snow
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Mar 8, 2004


Mainly Sativa. Bio.


This stuff is very light in colour, almost a neon-green. Lotsa orange-reddish hairs jag in & out from under the serious amount of resin crystals that blanket the surface. The leaves are broad and "fuzzy" overall. The density of the nuggets has dropped off some since November during the Cannabis Cup, but even though these samples were a bit drier and therefore lighter, they were still looking marvelous.


When you take a whiff, you get a spicy-sweet Sativa scent; a bit piney, and not too "green". The smoke burns heavy and very rich, leaving everyone gagging for a toke off your spliff.


The flav was fruity and crisp. Not too "hazey", like some Sativas, but much more subtle and "juicy" to my taste.


Sit back and hold on for the ride as this smoke will really have you in orbit. It's just a very quick-hitting and fast-rising high that has you trying to remember everything you were meant to do for the last month and then attempting to get it all done within the first few minutes after your joint! You�ll find yourself outside standing on your terrace madly cleaning your windows before you actually realise that it has begun to rain!


A lovely strain in all respects: This winner of the Cannabis Cup 2003 is worth a try, and it still is "must-do"!

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