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Great White Shark

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Great White Shark
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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Oct 10, 2001


I'd say a combo between white widow and orange bud??? The Gorgeous Gardener (lookin over my shoulder) says it's a brazilian skunk crossed with white widow! (Just another reason I let her breathe down my neck ;o)


Packed like powdered snow balls put in the freezer overnight. (Sorry to all those who can't relate...) Pine cone shaped buds. Manicured like bushes in front of a palace, these nug's are flawless. Super fine, light white powder. Heavily coated, lookin' large like frosted sugar under the light.


Sweet and slightly citral. A bit menthol in the afterscent. Not much more here....


Flowery and sugary sweet. The aftertaste consists of an earthy Java-C flav. (See earlier field notes for Java-C definition.)


Anotha schizo-trip, where it goes from extreme visuals to a dizzying state finishing in deadening body high in my case. The high was so strong and I had taken a break from smoking so I got a wee bit sick from the 3 puffs I took; good thing I eased up.....


This stuff tends to lean toward it's Indica heritage. I smoked 3 tokes which was 2 tokes too many. This is one of those type of nuggets you know will knock ya but you continue to smoke anyway! Call me masochist, and pass me another spliff of this gear while you are at it.

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