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People Advocating Cannabis Education


P.A.C.E. --- recreational and medicinal users of cannabis who want to help spread the knowledge of the cannabis plant.

P.A.C.E. --- people that have seen the medicinal benefits of cannabis through their own experience, a friend or through a loved one.

P.A.C.E.--- people that believe cannabis knowledge is knowledge that must be shared with others.

P.A.C.E.--- people who want to help educate the educated and uneducated without getting involved with group politics

P.A.C.E. ---- promotes cannabis education by participating at non-cannabis public events

P.A.C.E.--- distributes a therapeutic cannabis link brochure which is made available to you with the assistance of the businesses that support P.A.C.E.. These educational brochures are available at our supporting businesses.

P.A.C.E..--- is public cannabis advocacy that helps patients and their supporters in person and on the web with their live online radio broadcast

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If you have had plenty of polms on your trip, this makes for a nice new option. It is different and worth a... go

I love the fact that you can do SO MUCH with cannabis. Most people who visit Amsterdam only... go

"Choice hash", that may be deceiving by the looks of it; make sure you are ready for a day-dreamy half-open... go

Top quality. As you tend to go into stoned-mode with this gear, we decided to stop by the Haarlemmerstraat... go

The selections from Picasso always seem to be of fine quality. This is another one to add to the list for... go

There are many fine hashes in town (especially around the Haarlemmerstraat area right now) but this Alladin's... go

There are few hashes that stick up head and shoulders above the rest. The Popeye's shop really pleased us... go

Even though this is far healthier from things like alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, this gear deserves the... go

I was very pleased with this one. Always something different wakes my senses. I think that this bud is great... go

Sometimes, the ol'skool strains really kick you like a mule! This weed was nice and rich tasting and had me... go