Homegrown Fantasy Farewell Party - Amsterdam Coffeeshop Closes After 25 Years

On June 29, 2014 one of our favorite shops, Homegrown Fantasy Coffeeshop & Gallery in Amsterdam organized its last party. After 25 years, the coffeeshop is being forced to close by the government.



Amsterdam is closing down 28 coffeeshops based on their location in regards to local schools. Homegrown Fantasy is one of the 10 coffeeshops being forced to close by July 1, 2014.

Homegrown Fantasy Coffeeshop & Gallery was popular with locals and tourists for its good atmosphere, friendly staff and high quality, mostly organic (bio), weed and hash menu. The coffeeshop first opened in 1989, so 2014 is also the 25th anniversary of this shop. The Smokers Guide crew are sure bummed out to see this place go...



Leave a nice review or farewell message on the Homegrown Fantasy profile page. After all, Homegrown Fantasy is part of Amsterdam's coffeeshop history. We welcome all your stories, photos and messages to the government. This profile page will remain online, even with the HGF doors closed :(


Check out this video of Homegrown Fantasy from October 2011:


Visit the Homegrown Fantaseeds Garden profile page for more info and reviews on Homegrown Fantaseeds and their range of cannabis seeds.

To learn more about coffeeshop closures, and the reasons the government says it is closing the coffeeshops,  see our article Closing Coffeeshops and Cleaning Up the Red Light District - Plan 1012 Sucks!


Homegrown Fantasy, you will be missed!