Hotboxing The Wyndham Hotel at The Hash Bash Cup 2017

Hotbox an entire hotel? The attendees of the Hash Band Cup definitely got close.

After the 45th Annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash protest festival in Ann Harbor the party continued at the Wyndham Hotel with the 1st Hash Bash Cup. Generally it can be hard to smoke in a hotel, but this was not an issue for the Hash Bash crowd who has booked out the hotel. The entire hotel was full of cannabis consumers peacefully enjoying the event. The organizers are already planning the next event and the Wyndham Hotel has welcomed them back. Michigan is definitely a lot more cannabis friendly than many may think! We definitely look forward to this kind of cannabis freedom across the world.

Uncle Stoner headed over to the Wyndham Hotel to check out the event and spoke with cannabis legends Jorges Cervantes and Danny Danko about their thoughts on this great event. Take a look at our video below to see more from the Hash Bash and the Hash Bash Cup 2017: