Medical Cannabis Charity Golf w/ NFL players, Growing Hope & O.pen Vape

CannaBroadcasting Colorado covers the O.pen Vape Open charity golf tournament.

The O.pen Vape Open was organized by Growing Hope and O.pen Vape, who along with dozens of sponsors and 144 golfers raised thousands of dollars for the Growing Hope Foundation. The money will be donated to the Flowering Hope Foundation.


Flowering Hope’s mission is to:

“Facilitate safe access to life changing medication to those that suffer from multiple ailments, including but not limited to, Cancer, Crohns, Epilepsy, and MS. We create opportunities for patients to receive a better quality of life, making it possible for parents and caregivers to have some piece of mind that their loved ones get the best chance at a successful future. We also strive to spread healthcare education to communities far and wide.”

The Flowering Hope Foundation helps children like Haleigh Cox, a 5 year old with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome who once had over 200 seizures a day. She was even put on a breathing machine to keep her alive. Thanks to the Flowering Hope Foundation and Haleigh's Hope oil, Haleigh now only has a few seizures a day, can breathe by herself, and has even had 28 days seizure-free!



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