Dabadoo Amsterdam 2015 - Winners & Results

The 10th Dabadoo event took place in Amsterdam. Also marking the closing of Mila's Pollinator Shop, there was a very international crowd and a wide selection of extracts! Entries are judged on the night, with a top 3 chosen from each category; Solvent and Non-Solvent (aka solventless).


 The winners of the 2015 Amsterdam Dabadoo are:



1st Place - Cannabis Social Club (CSC) Barcelona, The Pleasure Of Life - Candy Kush (Fresh Frozen)

2nd Place - House of the Great Gardener - Barb Rosin

3rd Place - Robert Carroll / Cannamed - Blueberry Haze Flower Rosin



1st Place - Oil Hunters / Dr.Feis - OG Hunter

2nd Place - Kippax Concentrates - Mother of all Dawg (Single Source)

3rd Place - Club Anesthesia Barcelona - NL5 Haze


 Vist Smokers Guide TV for videos from Dabadoo Amsterdam and many other Dabadoo events from around the world!