Champs Trade Show Las Vegas - Glass Games Results

With so many talented glass blowers and artists at Champs Las Vegas 2015, the judges must have a had a hard time deciding. Here they are, the final results of the Glass Games Masters Finals, the Best of Show and the Death Race Derby. All the winners, though with every entry amazing in its own right, there were no losers here.


Glass Games Masters Finals Results

1st Place - AKM

2nd Place - Grimm

3rd Place - Justin Jenicke

4th Place - Emily Marie

5th Place - Cameron Burns

6th Place - Galen Sawatzky

7th Place - Dan Evans

8th Place - Joe O'Connell


Best of Show Results


1st Place - Dan Shelton


2nd Place - Matt Zimmerman

3rd Place - Stucky


Death Race Derby Results


1st Place - Pyro

2nd Place - Clampitt

3rd Place - Ray Lauk


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