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White Widow

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White Widow
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shop profile Westerstraat 121


Jul 14, 2005


Mainly Indica/Sativa Hybrid, Hydro.


I have never seen buds this big for sale in a coffeeshop! Very, very impressive looking, these tops are about the size of a small baby's arm. So fat, it makes you wonder how the grow room must�ve looked! A sea of green giants� no doubt. Packed into dense calyx clusters with orangish-yellow hairs scattered in and out of the heavy crystal covering these beauties. You�ll prolly need a grinder to get this sticky gear ready for a spliff.


As it grinds to a nice "fluffy" consistency, it releases a flowery perfume that makes you want to smoke up. As it burns, it smells slightly skunky and definitely perfumed as a result of the heavy crystal condition.


Minty-green, this weed tastes very fresh for a hydro. The gardener did a great job flushing this one to the point that it borders on a Bio-flavour. Taking a big hit can be rough though as this weed wants to expand when it hits your lungs. Once you stop coughing, you start to enjoy the rich aftertaste left on your tongue.


This weed is strong! You should be sitting down when you first blast off cos you really feel slammed by a big hit! There are slightly blurry visuals like being drunk but also a some relaxing qualities too.For being so stoned, I was still able to function OK, talking with a friend who I ran into on the Westerstraat Noordermarkt (The outdoor market right outside the Coffeeshop Spirit), unless of course he thought I was a completely stoned idiot!


As you may know, many of us at the Smokers Guide really enjoy the Coffeeshop Spirit for its cool games (air hockey, pool and sit-down video racing games) and relaxed atmosphere but lately they have been the "King of Fat Tops". Give the White Widow a go and you won't be disappointed�

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