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Nepal's Finest

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Nepal's Finest
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Oct 10, 2001




This one looks like rich dark chocolate "sponge" cake. The layering is exquisite! There are no obvious contaminants at a glance, and when burned a pure smoke signal was released during The Smokers Guide Weed Test. The outside layer was very shiny and almost black.


Strong and heavy, this hits you with a mesquite wood chip (houtskool) smell.


Imagine taking a bag of spiced-herb tea melange, grilling it over an open fire for 10 minutes, then making tea from the remains! Spicy, woody, "charred" and marinated!


Nice rising high. It hits you after several minutes so don't over-indulge; let the spliff go out after a few tokes before re-lighting... The high is really "strong and buzzy" and lasts for quite long. I was high for over 90 minutes on this gear!


This is a superior dark hash. The guys at Spirit always have good hash and this one has certainly NOT let us down! Very rich and tasty with a good high that had me chatty for longer than ususal!

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