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Super Pollen
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Aug 27, 2003


Moroccan polm


Check it out: This is the kind of stuff that you know is going to be good, just from looking at it! Thin "shoelace" cuts of this gear allow you to see the structured layers inside and also check out the oily darker exterior. But don't hold it too long, or it will start to melt in your hand! It really just smashes into a pasty [NL = pasta] type of consistency as you get it ready to roll. Deluxe.


The smell is of strong choco-mint when you hold it up to your nose, once again letting you know that you are in for some good stuff after you light this! As it burns, there is a sharp perfumed scent of herb, spice & earth released in heavy clouds of grey-blue smoke.


It tastes as good as it smells, very clean and very strong on the tongue. There are no signs of contaminants in here either and that really helps the flav stay pure. I ordered an ice cold Sprite to wash it down on a hot summer's day.


The FX are really settling, making me kinda nod my head with the beats that were playing. It puts you in a dazey state, just chillin� and not really in too much of a hurry to do a thing!


This is a very fine polm to sample if you know what quality is. The FX are strong for this type of hash, so make sure you don't have a lot of things to do; they probably won't get done! Overall it's certainly worth a stop by the Spirit�

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