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Super Polm (3)

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Super Polm (3)
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Oct 10, 2001




Wafer thin, "serpent-like" slices of the hash are cut the length of a small finger and placed in a vial for portability and ease of use. Medium brown with a flexible consistency when at room temperature.


Spicy-sweet like most quality polms. A bit of a chocolate can be traced when the resin is broken under your nose. As it burns the scent becomes very spicy; the smoke is heavy in the air.


A mild flavour settles over the back of the throat. I noticed more of that chocolate taste; more like unsweetened cocoa powder... (I hope this is NOT an ingredient!)


The high was quite potent for a super polm; rivaling my favourite twisla around the corner from these guys! Fades out without too much sleepiness; nice one!


All around nice specimen; my only concern is the amount you receive. The thin slice makes it seem like you got heaps to burn, but it is very easy to break off more than you need. My fl. 25 went up in smoke within 2 medium sized joints! OUCH....

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