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Super Polm (4)

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Super Polm (4)
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Jan Piet (de) - CLOSED

shop profile Jan Pieter Heijestraat 82


Oct 10, 2001




Thinly sliced. Slightly inconsistent with a bit of a grainy interior. Very light and dry; this one snaps before it bends even when warmed in the pocket.


Slightly perfumed, but only when burned. Not very strong in the bag.


The taste is OK; nothing spectacular. The flavour is a bit dirty and dry on the throat. I couldn't quite handle a whole joint of this after smoking finer polms all week.


The high is very light and almost like smoking strong tobacco alone! There is an odd numbing effect on the back of the throat which I seem to get when a hash has contaminants in it! Uh OH....


The house dealer of this new shop tried to steer me away from this selection toward the special pol or zooltje but I had to try the standard polm first! Mistake....

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