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Jan Piet (de) - CLOSED

shop profile Jan Pieter Heijestraat 82


Oct 10, 2001


Morocco, named this way because it comes in mini-bricks the size of Marlboro packs.


Very densely pressed with layers of altering colours throughout. From darker to lighter and back again. Not necessarily a good sign but let's see...


Smells light and slightly perfumed like a nice solid polm. When burned a heavy smoke hangs in the air; everyone in our neighbourhood knew we'd been smokin!


A nice and smooth flav; I was worried because of the looks but it was solid indeed. I drank a cold chocomel (chocolate milk) with a fat tree of this hash. My throat was chillin'...


Nice smooth and light high. Not like you're flyin' or anything but sometimes that's cool. I buy this to have some gear that can softly relax me when i'm ready for a bath or bed. My mind doesn't get "tuned-in" on this but becomes more "turned-in".


I often use this hash as a way to chill without becoming a zombie-high tripper. I'm not into Marlboro tobacco but I like Marlboro hash from the Jan Piet, no doubt....

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