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12 votes Jan Piet (de) - CLOSED Review Rating: 6.8 out of 10 based on 12 votes.

Jan Piet (de) - CLOSED

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 82

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  • 6.0
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Now under different ownership as the Kashmir Coffeeshop.

For more info on the Kashmir Coffeeshop, see their profile page.

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  • 8.0

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When I was there, it was all Dutch

Basic stuff.Marijuana menu: There is no menu. When I asked, he asked how much do you want to pay? I ended up with some Jack Herer at 4e a gram. It ended up being some of the best smoke of the trip!Service & staff: Friendly and very stoned.Summary : When I was there, it was all Dutch. Since I am American,... Full details


  • 6.7

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A very solid, "no-frills" coffeeshop, much like Speakeasy in the centrum

VERY clean and new. Nothin too spectacular here but very respectable and "solid". The walls are adorned with tributes to the history of Jan Pieter Heije, the famous newspaper mogul from the 1800's.Marijuana menu: Good quality, but the menu varies from time to time. One o' my favourite things is that you... Full details



The house dealer of this new shop tried to steer me away from this selection toward the special pol or... go

I often use this hash as a way to chill without becoming a zombie-high tripper. I'm not into Marlboro... go

I expected this to be a mediocre cross-breed that was gonna have better taste than a high. Actually it was... go

Ja, what a pleasant surprise. I expected it to be a mediocre taste & high but I was totally wrong. This... go