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White Widow 2

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White Widow 2
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

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Global Chillage

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Oct 10, 2001


Sativa/Indica hybrid, indoor hydro.


Light green. Like some of my favourite "glowing greens": Turn the light off and you will find your sack (shining like Kryptonite) with no problem!


A fresh citrus/fruit with not too much ammonia/chemical in the afterscent. It breaks to a fruitilicious wave! (sounds like a candy commercial, eh?)


Very fresh (almost too fresh) and very fruity. The hits leave your mouth a little dry but this is best countered with a lovely blended fruit milkshake. Heavenly....


There is a strong and quick hitting high that seems to last for almost 2 hours! (That's long by BushDoc standards!) Not sleepy yet very relaxing.


I think this one is a better example of the ubiquitous White Widow that seems to turn up in every coffeeshop from tourist traps to local hangouts! This Global Chillage entry has got what it takes for me to return...

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