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Royal Warm Ears

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Royal Warm Ears
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Global Chillage

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Oct 10, 2001




Pliable and medium-dark; same consistency from "skin side" to inside. Upon close inspection, it has a mottled sawdust appearance. Very spongy looking, it breaks to a soft cracked earth look.


There is a very stong, rich cocoa spice smell going on here. You can really smell it through the bag! When burned, the scent permeates the entire area.


This is unique. You get the traditional polm taste with an icy-mint aftertaste. I shit you not, this is really something; your mouth and throat feel like you've been sucking on an ice cube, a mint and a swiss chocolate at the same time!


The high doesn't really creep up; it settles in. When it does, a mellow calm overtakes your body. Breathing and heart rate seem to slow, and your head floats as if independent...


WOW! Quite impressed with this gear. I was having a "stress" day, but after I burned one, I settled into a smooth post-work vibe. Day-dreamy stylee.

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