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Skunk Special

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Skunk Special
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Global Chillage

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Oct 10, 2001


Skunk/Sativa with a some Columbian way in the distance. Biologically grown.


Very dense, tiny leaves covered with fuzzy red-orange hairs and heaps of crystals. Sticky and hard to break up; use scissors and scrape off the resin...


This breaks up to a wonderful "orange rush", like the finest orange buds i've sampled.


Extremely fresh without being too "green". I love bio for this reason!


Nice high is achieved after a several tokes. Not very expansive in the lungs, but this is a nice change. The high is fairly uplifting and you don't come crashing down.


I really like bio weeds and this one had all the flavour and smoothness found in a great non-hydro.

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