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Haze A5

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Haze A5
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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shop profile Huidenstraat 13a


Oct 10, 2001


Mainly sativa, A5 (serious seeds strain)


Large, round "squat" buds. They feel a bit like steel wool in density but are quite brittle actually. When ya start pressing it, bits fall away easily so be careful when skinnin' up!


Slightly metallic flake with a pine afterscent. Imagine having a fresh cut Christmas tree chopped up while you smell it through a 3 meter copper plumbing pipe. Get the idea? O' well, I tried...


Tastes like a "clean" purple skunk, with the difference being a lack of spice & earth replaced by a greener honey-pine flav.


Super flighty-lighty high, similar to the Haze CG13 but not as physically impactfull - luckily. I wasn’t ready for another cid trip.


This "wire bud" is really nice to smoke for a unique adventurous and pleasurable smoking experience. Ya, it sounds like a Marlboro advert but this goes down without the nicotine, just fine. Unique, add it to your TH-C-V?

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