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Special Polm (2)
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Oct 10, 2001




This looks like Brown Butter, Baby! Cake is moist and looks like someone sliced through a fresh hot pan of undercooked pastry dough.


I am drinking beer and I was smoking another of the Extreme weeds which is coming to my reviews soon. This review is therefore a lil' tweaked, like me right now! (De bewijs is in the Edelweiss!) Anyway, oh yeah...i'm s'posed to write of the smell. So, I think it's... Drum-roll please.... CHOCOOO-MINT!!! Sound familiar?


Real smooth. I liked smokin this after firin' up the Edelweiss weed I was smokin' earlier. This was really nice on my tasterbuds; like a favourite food you've not eaten for awhile that is re-introduced to ya with a master chef's twist.


The high is a lil' racy at first as my heart rate started skyward after the first few tokes. This feeling diminishes as you start to settle and your buzz turns to a chilled magic carpet ride.


A fine polm secured by a fine new coffeeshop. eXtremely palatable. This was a good smoke and reminded me of my early favourite daze of smokin'...

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