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Super Polm Blond

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Super Polm Blond
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Feb 16, 2006


Moroccan Super Polm


If you look at the picture on your screen you will see a hash with well-defined layers and it looks pretty soft BUT there is a surprise: This hash is powdery in consistency versus the more oily type of super polms you may find. Of course, this does not mean that this hash won't get oily when you warm it in your hands and press it a bit prior to rolling. I prefer these dry types from time to time because the rolling process is much easier, and you are really able to pulverize this gear into tiny bits, allowing you to easily and evenly mix it with you tobac, weed or other smoking substance.


The smell is like mint leaves, and with bits of cocoa and chalk scents in the background, you can easily say that this hash is high quality, made from strong genetic stock. As it burns, there is huge cloud of perfumed smoke released and it hangs heavy in the air.


The flav is really strong and super-minty; I think this is because of the powdered condition that I mentioned above. The hash becomes really overpowering when it is mixed so thoroughly into the rolling medium. All you can taste is high-grade hash!


After a joint of this, you feel like you are floating around the room like a gentle spirit. You blink slowly, you notice things moving a bit slower than usual and your heart-rate seems to drop a few levels as you relax and take in your surroundings. The FX don't last so long (i.e. an hour or so) but then again, you don't so much to achieve the desired effect!


This is a great polm for beginners and blond-lovers. It makes for a nice change from all of the over-pressed oily versions, cos you are easily able to prep this gear and get it down ya! I recommend a nice little joint of this during a mid-shopping spree in the "Negen straatjes". Just pop by the Xtreme for some free web surfin� and take in a bit of the relaxed atmosphere when you can!

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