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Hollywood Haze

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Hollywood Haze
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Jun 5, 2009


Mostly Sativa Haze hybrid. Bio. 12.50 p/ 0.9 gram (Don't ask us why it's not p/gram!)


These buds look great from the start. They are well cured, not too brittle to the touch yet still dry enough to spark up immediately like I like it. The tops were very tight with not many larger leaves left on, so I could tell that the manicure was well done. There was also a darker colour tone overall, so you know that it has been well cured, patiently.


I always love the scent and flavour of Hazes, which tend to be often very floral and spicy, like fresh garden herbs… Hollywood Haze was no exception, and had me licking my lips in anticipation for the way the flav would hit me. It just smelled so sage and celery leafed… YUM!


When I chomped on the stem, it tasted like a perfect combo of spices and herbs. There was a nice freshness (even with the long cure) as it tastes like it was plucked at the peak of its ripeness. The "chompin’ and dry hittin’" was all veggie and planty but by the time I sparked up a fat spliff of this, it started getting peppery and sour in the back of my throat.


Surprisingly, this was actually quite relaxing for this type of weed. Often a Haze's "intensity" can add (or create anxiety) to a session. This is especially true when they have trippy visuals and accelerated heart rate (perceived or real) FX! BUT, this was nearly opposite; very euphoric and soft, heavy eyelids had me feeling super-relaxed and very smiley…


Not sure where the Hollywood Haze came from, but I do know that it is a VERY nice smoke, especially for those on a budget. For the price of about 13 a gram (still curious about the .9g baggie but it doesn't matter much when the prices are this cheap!) you are getting some nice gear. Xtreme is a really great coffeeshop with free internet and a nice clean style. The ownership is worthy of supporting, so pop by if you are in the mood for a chat and a different sort of Xperience

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