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Haze CG13
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Oct 10, 2001


Mainly sativa. Bio.


Another Fairy Tale nugget. Honestly, it looks like a master illustrator painted this by hand! Darker green cluster nugs wind their way toward the tips and tops of the nuggets. Usually you may hear me say a "fine dusting of powder coats the bud." Not this time. Here the crystals are so big and thick they almost resemble mould. It's not mouldy of course, just massive tri-chomes in "globs" of resin.


Fresh and sweet the smell of hospital rushes out at you. No shit! A wee bandage scent greets you like the smell of a recovery unit.


I know it may sound bollocks, but it's like walking through this hospital hallway, and as the cleaners use ammonia spray bottles, some of the mist floats down into your open mouth. In this case you DO NOT gag though, which is really great!


This gear is straw-ong! Watch out as the visuals zone straight in. More chiaro-scuro high (yes folks, you heard that here first!) as the interplay of shadows and light forge twisted bonds between eyes and brain. Simply put: Shadows shrink & swell creating a "breathing" effect around the room as the sun sits low in the sky.


One o' my fav hazes in a LONG while! For me, more trippy than buzzy but that's what I like on beautiful weekend daze! Flav, smell & everything in top shape. The price for this kinda gear is proportional; the higher it gets, the higher you do! Worth every Euro-cent!

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