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Flower Power

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Jan 27, 2003


Hybridised Haze strain, 100% bio.


Medium-light green. Shaped pyramid-stylee with the narrow pointy tips getting wider down to the base. The pieces pull apart easily, not overdry, but still shaking off heaps of yellow powder as they split apart. Make sure you roll in a tin or keep a bit of wax paper at hand to collect all the good stuff to top off your joint.


Sweet Haze. A bit soapy and medicinal and it smells really fresh. What more can I say? This is already getting rolled and fired up before I can really explore it further... oh well!


Soap, sugar & spice. Who would think that tastes nice? ME! This is lovely, pure and fresh. A simple O.G. (not Original Gangsta, Original Green!) This has you remembering the first haze you ever toked.


I woke up and smoked up some of this to nurse a mild hangover. A nice haze high usually lets me get outta bed and do something the "day after". This weed had me a little paralyzed; I just sat on the sofa, staring at the TV, as my forehead felt about 4 fingers thicker! I wasn't sleepy, just deep fried.


This is a really nice & solid Haze strain to sample. Native wanted to pick some up for himself so we walked down to the Rozengracht. He ordered two beers as I skinned up a pure jointje for us to burn. A perfect Saturday afternoon for us two stoners...

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