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Flower Power

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Mar 13, 2003


Not sure which weed sort this is.


Like little white and orange frosted nuggets. Extremely dense, built up from tiny little in-turned leaves frosted white by powdery crystals. There are heaps of tiny orange-brown hairs and as you break it up you can see they are almost completely hidden by its coverage!


Very fresh-minty with a bit of ginger-peppermint smell Š la K2 or something aromatherapeutic like that.


The flav is also similar to a K2 with a rich and sweet ginger. There's also bits of a Cointreau flav with hints of citrus skin in it. It is quite yummy to smoke in a pure spliff.


The high is trippy and visual but there is also a bit of numbness you can feel through your body. If you are drinking a few beers, youíre comfortably numb and just chilliníout.


This stuff was perfect for a night out with a close friend; we dropped in to pick up a few spliffs-worth, grabbed a cocktail, and headed next door to a Thai restaurant that had us happily "munched-out"; afterwards we got bombastic...

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