O' Cannabis : Karma Cup 2016 Report from Smokers Guide Canada

#Cuptober Celebration, and thick, heavy clouds were in the air on the Friday the 21st of October, 2016, the day before the 3rd annual Karma Cup, as judges, attendees and competitors gathered at Vape on the Lake for a packed-house throw-down of epic proportions.

The one question on everyone’s mind since the day before: “Where will it be happening?”

For the first time this year, the venue for the Karma Cup was announced and publicized well in advance, but a last minute decision from fearful venue management terminated the event contract while keeping a hefty deposit. It wasn’t just the giant tokes that had us holding our breath. Fortunately, the heroics of the event organizers led to Karma Cup 2016 being a smashing two-day success. By Saturday morning their efforts resulted in an even more central and fully outdoor location - more than dabs and vapour everywhere, this was a total smokeout, with joints, edibles and a huge array of innovative cannabis products everywhere. Gathered on a chilly Church St. lot on a sunny afternoon, Toronto’s cannabis elite, as well as vendors and innovators from across North America shared, learned about and indulged in all manner of medical marijuana products…. and got very, very high.




Long lineups from the early morning and a steady crowd all day left just enough room for attendees to move slowly and happily around each other. The Karma Cup 2016; typically and politely Canadian, only a bit more giggly than usual. So many treats were available: gummies, truffles, peanut butter cups, dried fruit, popcorn, infused water, essential oils, even medicated CBD doggie treats for the older family canines. More CBD products were available for purchase, designed to relieve migraines, arthritis, or to mellow you out if you’ve gotten too high. It is a game changer getting used to seeing FDA approved cannabis-derived products like these, legal across the USA, coming up to Canada as well.

At least a half dozen extractors from across the country were set up with booths ready to invite prospective customers to dab away on endless free samples, even after a couple booths began running out of product to sell by late afternoon. Growers had their flower available for purchase, often at stunning prices for quality buds. The main event for the weekend of course is the Karma Cup award ceremony on Sunday, held at Vapour Central, just around the corner from the main venue itself. The capacity crowd in the lounge comprised of competitors, judges, presenters and media. Even a few revellers who arrived early were there just taking it all in. Ultimately, dozens of hand blown functional trophy cups, courtesy of Redbeard, were handed out to the winners in each category.

As the Karma Cup categories and innovative products continue to evolve, it is exciting to imagine what further innovation will happen between this year and next as cannabis in Canada moves to include a recreational market along with the medical industry. We’ll keep you posted; in the meantime, check out our Karma Cup videos above!