The best natural party venues around Amsterdam

Despite the Netherland's bad weather, we have a huge amount of outdoor summer events and festivals. If you are looking for some great places to take in a concert, show, dance event, fair or festival, we have listed some notables right here:



It's hard to beat this old "valley" that has hosted so many great dance parties over the years. With an outdoor climbing wall and some rather large hills (by NL standards!) this area has a little of everything to break up the normal monotony of a flat landscape. Spaarnwoude has been made famous through summer festivals like Dance Valley (International DJs), Awakenings Festival (International DJs) or Dutch Valley (various Dutch artists). These events can be really fun, just invest in a good pair of wellies cause things get muddy!


Amsterdamse Bos 

Tucked just away from the hustle and bustle inside the ring is a natural oasis of peace. Now that A Day at the Park and Jazz at the Lake are running there, it can also qualify as a venue.


Kop van Java

Located in the center of the IJ river, right across from the Muziekgebouw, this field with a great view of the city and water often hosts some serious parties. From SAIL - the amazing international tall ship event, to techno parties, the Kop can be a lot of fun.



Amsterdam's most famous park, featuring a concert shell, the Openluchtheater [open air theater]. Each summer weekend, you can find amazing concerts free of charge! Enjoy the music from in front of the stage and try some organic snacks from the catering stand, or set up a picknick around the nearby lake.