Amsterdam Street Party! UEFA Cup Final - Ajax vs Manchester United

Football fans crowded into Amsterdam for the 2016/17 UEFA Europa League final between Ajax and Manchester United. Amsterdam is normally known for its party vibe and atmosphere, but this was something a bit different! Approximately 120,000 people filled the squares around Amsterdam, with a massive gathering at Museumplein where fans watched the match on giant screens.

Amsterdam FC

Ajax (Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax) is Amsterdam’s football club, first founded in 1900 and named after the legendary Greek hero. They are the most successful club in the Netherlands. Ajax previously won the UEFA Cup in 1992 and the Champions League in 1995. The Ajax team is also known as de Godenzonen (sons of the gods) & de Joden (the Jews) - which can trip people out!

Losing Like Winners!

While the actual match took place nearly a thousand miles away at the Friends Arena in Stockholm; the party seemed to be here in Amsterdam! Despite suffering a 2-0 loss to Manchester United, Ajax fans and Amsterdammers still partied on. Even after losing the match, Ajax fans showed no negativity towards the Manchester United fans; partly due to the sadness experienced worldwide by the recent horrific attack on Manchester, partly just because Amsterdam is a friendly city.


Check out our video below to see the action!