Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain

Spain's cannabis laws may seem quite odd to the uneducated. Cannabis is illegal in Spain, as is growing, supplying, possessing or use, in public. There are also hundreds of Cannabis Social Clubs spread out throughout Spain.

Cannabis Laws in Spain - "Its Illegal But It's Tolerated" - Smokers Guide TV Spain


The Right to Privacy

It's those words "in public" where Spanish laws on cannabis are relatively unique. Spain respects the right to privacy, and private residences are considered protected under Spanish law. Therefore growing and consuming of personal quantities of cannabis (or any other drug) is decriminalized; aslong as it is done on private property. Cannabis seeds, growing equpiment and paraphenalia are all freely sold.


Is Cannabis Legal In Spain?

Possession or use of drugs in public places is illegal, based on the idea of public health, but it is not a arrestable offence, though you may be fined €300 or more. Also as there are no set limits of what is considered personal, it is still possible to be arrested for growing, selling or traffiking cannabis, if the courts believe it is not for personal use. If charged for growing cannabis illegally you can get a prison sentence of one to three years.


Cannabis Social Clubs

The Spanish Constituation lists the Right of Association. With this in mind many private members clubs have formed to allow the cultivation and use of cannabis. These Cannabis Social Clubs will generally grow, or buy, cannabis and disribute it to its members. These clubs are non-profit organizations so all money must be put back into the club and the members. This results in very low cost (tax free), quality cannabis available to medical and recreational consumers.