Can You Turn Your CBD Flower into Delta 8 Flower?

Hey there! Are you a CBD flower user? Have you heard about the newly made superstar member of the cannabinoid family? Yes, it’s Delta 8 THC. Do you want to know whether you can turn your CBD flower into a Delta 8 flower or not?

Let us aware you that the answer to this question is a yes! Now, do you want to know how you can do it? Well, we will tell you the whole process.


What can be more wonderful than getting the benefits of CBD flower with the effects of Delta 8 flower? If you are a cannabinoid enthusiast, you surely know about CBD, the all-time favorite cannabinoid. While CBD is busy impressing its users with its countless health and wellness benefits, the Delta 8 products are outshining the cannabinoid market.


Delta 8 THC flowers have driven the attention of many CBD users as who won’t want the experience of THC with fewer side effects? So, if you got bored with your old CBD flower, it’s time to change it to something new and more exciting. It’s time to go for a Delta 8 THC flower. It’s not that easy to change a CBD flower into Delta 8 flower but don’t worry because we will help you. So, on that note, let’s get started-


What is Delta 8 THC?

Okay, first things first. To understand the process better, you should first know what Delta 8 THC is? So, Delta 8 THC, or D8 or ∆8 THC, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in small amounts in marijuana or hemp plants. You can also extract it from THC or CBD with the help of some extraction methods. Delta 8 THC is also known as weed light or diet weed. You won’t be wrong if you call it the “superior version of THC.”


Delta 8 THC is Delta 9 THC (which we commonly call THC) as it is made from Delta 9 THC, but it contains less THC. So, yes, they are very similar, but they are not the same. Delta 8 THC is an analog of Delta 9 THC. D8 is less intoxicating and possesses fewer psychoactive properties than Delta 9 THC.


With Delta 8 THC, you can get all the benefits of THC, and that too with fewer and mild side effects. Here’s a list of numerous health benefits which Delta 8 THC offers to its users-

1. It possesses neuroprotective properties.

2. It can increase your appetite.

3. Reduction in pain.

4. Effective on stress and anxiety.

5. It can relieve chronic pain.

6. It has antiemetic properties.

7. It induces less paranoia after consuming than Delta 9 THC.


So, now that you know about Delta 8 THC and its numerous health benefits, it’s time to have a quick discussion of how Delta 8 THC is different from CBD. Let’s get started-


Delta 8 THC versus CBD-

It’s far more than interesting to witness the difference between the two super hit heroes of cannabinoids. The users love both because Delta 8 THC is more similar to Delta 9 THC and has some similarities to CBD. The significant difference between both cannabinoids is that Delta 8 THC can bind itself to CB1 receptors of your body’s endocannabinoids system. While on the other hand, CBD doesn’t attach itself.

Another difference is the difference in uses. If you want to experience the effects of THC but with reduced potency, you should go for Delta 8 THC products. And if you are looking for an intoxicating way to get relief from any specific problem, CBD will be the perfect choice for you. Now, we will discuss how you can turn your CBD flower into a Delta 8 flower through the spraying method-




1. CBD Flower -

The quality of your CBD flower matters a lot. We are sure you don’t want your flower to break into pieces while spraying it. Thus, we recommend choosing a dense flower. Also, please select the one with a bright green CBD flower as it will further give you a choice to get desired green shade.


2. Distillate -

It’s your personal choice whether you want to add a full spectrum or broad spectrum distillate to your flower. You can choose it according to your intended use.


3. Kief-

In case you don’t know, kief is a cannabis crystal. It’s made up of luminous resin from trichomes. The kief should be of the correct color, and make sure it matches the values of Delta 9. Cannabigerol (CBG) kief is the most preferred one.


4. Terpenes -

Though adding terpenes are optional, adding flavor to your flower won’t hurt. So, if you want to add terpenes to your flower, choose terpenes derived from hemp.


5. Spray gun -

Another necessity for the process, make sure it doesn’t clog with the viscosity of your chosen distillate. Besides this, it should also deliver fine droplets.


6. Rotating mixer-

Choose a mixer that will smear the life and distillate equally when you’ll spray it over the flower. It should also have a subtle plunging motion so that the flower doesn’t break.


Steps to accomplish our goal-


1. Preparing your flower-

Okay, start the process by preparing the flower first. You need to cut the flower. The goal is to remove the stems. The stalks will make your kief useless. Thus, the branch should be removed so that it can’t waste your D8 spray.


2. Prepare your distillate-

You should avoid using the distillate, which is too dense (THC 8 spray). Before continuing, shake the bottle properly to stir it perfectly. You can now add terpenes if you want to add them.


3. Time to spray-

Now, you have to keep the flower in a mug to apply the distillate. Be careful while spraying, and make sure you pour it evenly and finely.


4. Apply the kief-

The last step is to apply the kief evenly and finely on your flower. Let the flower dry for six hours, and then you can use it.

So now, you understand the whole process, and we believe that you can do it efficiently. The above steps will make the process easier for you. Delta 8 THC has suddenly got its fame, and it can win your heart too. Stay tuned for more updates. disclaimer: takes pride in featuring high quality articles to its readers, however does not assume liability for the claims and medical facts presented by the author. Please check with your doctor or medical practitioner, before consuming any products containing CBD, THC, herbs and Smart Products, or any other products recommended here. Make sure to always check for advised dosages, and please keep all THC and CBD products (including vapes, flowers, oils, concentrates or edibles) away from children, animals and any persons who may not desire to consume them. Make sure to clearly mark all products with warnings about the contents, and store all products in locked, child-proof containers, to avoid accidental ingestion. Please check your own country's laws regarding CBD and THC, and make sure shipping is allowed. content is always created in countries where cannabis products are legal, for medicinal and/or for recreational uses. Smokers Guide does not encourage the use of cannabis in countries where its consumption is illegal.