Is Weed From Weed Delivery Service in Coquitlam Effective?

Weed delivery services have changed the way we think about weed. Today, dozens of businesses compete against one another, which has led to a drastic increase in the quality of weed you can buy.

The same can be said for most weed delivery services throughout the entire Coquitlam area.
However, finding poor quality weed still keeps happening almost every day. A few factors affect weed quality over time, so it’s essential to know how to differentiate good weed from lousy weed. So, stay with us, and we’ll tell you which signs to look for when ordering your weed.


1. The looks

You can tell a lot about weed by simply looking at the buds. Generally speaking, weed doesn’t require much care during the drying period, but the timing is crucial. If you’re looking for a kick, you should only consider weed with visible crystals and soft to the touch. This type of weed is usually the most expensive and offers high levels of THC.

However, if the top-shelf cannabis strains are too much for your budget, you can settle with a medium-level flower. They are usually cheaper, and even though they don’t taste or look as good as the most expensive options, they still get the job done. The so-called mids are a popular choice for seasoned potheads with a very high tolerance to THC.

Lastly, if a weed dispensary offers flowers for extremely low prices, you shouldn’t expect too much. The cheapest weed is a mix of trim from multiple strains, broken buds, and the small bits that fall to the bottom of the jar. They have a low THC content, so they are not a good choice for experienced potheads.


2. Stems and seeds

Everyone who orders weed from a delivery service is hoping to see beautiful, puffy buds with plenty of THC crystals. However, that’s not always the case, as many weed delivery services often underdeliver. They advertise their products as the best on the market, but you get more seeds and stems than plant material when you buy a few grams. Imagine spending $50 on an eight just to see that half of it are seeds and stems.

Of course, you can’t consume seeds or stems as they don’t have any effect. Not only that, seeds have a strong odor when burnt and can even explode in your face. The worst thing about this type of weed is that it can ruin your entire stash if kept together. You want to avoid buds with visible seeds and stems as they don’t have the potency you are looking for.


3. Taste and aroma

Every pothead knows that the smell of weed can tell you more about its quality and effectiveness. Good weed should have that distinctive smell we all love. It should be clear, and it should have that strong marijuana smell. That means that the plant has high terpene content and is as fresh as it gets. If the smell isn’t strong or doesn’t really smell like pot, don’t expect the weed to give you the effects you’re looking for.

The smell of freshly cut grass is also a sign that the weed wasn’t grown and dried correctly. Lastly, the color of the weed can also tell you more about its quality. If it’s green, with a hit of blue or purple, the bud has a high level of anthocyanin, which is good. If it's brown, yellow, or red, it’s usually not very potent.


4. Trichome content

Trichomes are small gentle-like hairs full of terpenes and cannabinoids, and they are found all over the bud. If you take a magnifying glass and don’t see many of these tiny trichomes, you can’t expect the weed to have the effect you’re looking for. High-quality buds have visible crystals you can see with the naked eye: the more crystals, the stronger the weed.


5. Trim and bud structure

Most indica strains have dense, thick buds when it comes to buds, while Sativa buds are puffy and a little slimmer. Hybrid strains can have all features from both types of cannabis, so you can recognize them by a mix of features. Also, Sativa strains should have more tiny red hairs than indica.
The bad news is that most weed-growing companies use trimming machines that get the job done faster than humans but damage trichomes a lot. Hand-trimmed flowers are always a better choice if you’re looking for potent weed.


Final Words

The bottom line is - the weed available in most weed delivery services in Coquitlam can vary a lot when it comes to efficiency. You should do your research on different weed delivery options, browse their offer, check what other customers say about their products, and only then make a choice. It might take you a few tries until you find a shop you can trust, but we are sure you’ll find an ideal strain of weed for your needs soon enough. disclaimer: takes pride in featuring high quality articles to its readers, however does not assume liability for the claims and medical facts presented by the author. Please check with your doctor or medical practitioner, before consuming any products containing CBD, THC, herbs and Smart Products, or any other products recommended here. Make sure to always check for advised dosages, and please keep all THC and CBD products (including vapes, flowers, oils, concentrates or edibles) away from children, animals and any persons who may not desire to consume them. Make sure to clearly mark all products with warnings about the contents, and store all products in locked, child-proof containers, to avoid accidental ingestion. Please check your own country's laws regarding CBD and THC, and make sure shipping is allowed. content is always created in countries where cannabis products are legal, for medicinal and/or for recreational uses. Smokers Guide does not encourage the use of cannabis in countries where its consumption is illegal.