Global Marijuana March Toronto 2017

Cannabis legalization may be on its way to Canada but the proposed laws have been described by many cannabis activists as "prohibition 2.0" and it seems the fight for cannabis legalization may be far from over.


As they have done for many years activists and cannabis consumers gathered this May in Queens Park for the 19th Annual Toronto Global Marijuana March. The march then made its way through the streets as activists gathered to continue the fight for what they see as true legalization of cannabis. Chants of "No More Raids" and "No Prison For Pot" were heard as the march progressed its way through the streets and back to Queen's Park. A cannabis market assembled in the park offering all kinds of legal, and maybe not so legal cannabis products, paraphernalia and clothing.

The crowds though smaller than in some previous years (possibly due to many thinking cannabis is going to be more legal than it may actually end up) were unified that the law still needs to change. Many spoke out about the continued raids and arrests across Canada. Jody Emery, who led the march, spoke with Smokers Guide TV Canada about her views on the real situation of cannabis legalization in Canada and the continued criminalization of cannabis consumers.


Watch the video below to see our interview with Jody Emery at the Toronto Global Marijuana March 2017!